Curry 7-005

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    Curry 7 Mans
    Curry 7 adopts the design language similar to curry 3 zero III, and inherits the streamline design features of six generations, and continues to make the shoe body into an arc without edges and corners. In terms of technology, Kuri 7 is based on micro g's midsole, plus this year's main technology, HOVR.
    Curry 7 has a sharp upper footairjordan shape and a stable feel. Flexible plate technology elastic support plate is more attractive. Different from the traditional TPU material, the soft and hard are moderate, similar to the strong and tough texture of cartilage. With the help of it and upflip HOVR technology, it's really safe, and the anti twist performance of the midsole is reliable. The unique tongue and strap design can pull the laces tightly and lock the curry shoes for cheap instep firmly. Upper support. The outsole performance is still excellent, using an integrated arc + herringbone outsole, the pattern is still targeted, the traction effect is very good.